Introduction to Websters Insulation Limited

Our company was originally founded in 1854 as Marine Painters. An Application Division was developed which incorporated Shot Blasting and Industrial Painting.

In the late seventies Websters extended their activities into Thermal Insulation, and through constant updating of methods, has become one of the market leaders in this field.

Our workmanship and materials are of the highest quality, and our prices are highly competitive. We pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship and service in which we provide to our customers from start to finish, which is why we are the market leaders in our industry.

The Webtherm System

The Webtherm System is the method, which Websters use to insulate and weatherproof old and new buildings.

Its continuous membrane which adheres to 99% of all surfaces contains the most efficient insulating properties used in modern industry today. It is applied to the required thickness by our specialist teams to conform to modern building regulations, and your specific requirements.

The Websters Team

Being a small, down to earth company we choose not to employ overpaid, high pressure sales reps masquerading as surveyors, rather we prefer to undertake surveys in a professional and consultative manner. This allows us to be very competitive with pricing and offer the most reasonable quotes without cutting corners on quality. The small team we have down here pride themselves on offering the best service we can. We believe in a down to earth honest approach to speaking to you on the telephone, and giving you the information you need to know, not what we want you to know.

We get calls each week from people dissatisfied with the way they have been dealt with or spoken to by competitors, and the pressure they feel that they've been put under to close a sale. Hence the reason why we stay clear of such an approach. We rely on our good reputation and quality of service from start to finish to win work, not high pressure sales or fiction.

Email: Info@webstersinsulation.com

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