Sprayed foam insulation – the perfect insulation application for poultry sheds, cattle and pig buildings, potato and grain stores (refrigerated & ambient)…



Protects from the weather with a “two in one” application. As these last few winters have shown, valuable crops stored in an un-insulated shed can be lost to frost and extreme cold. As little as 50mm of sprayed foam insulation can protect stored food items and stabilise the temperature all year round. When applied externally to a leaky roof it can insulate and weatherproof in one, therefore extending the life of the building.


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Fire resistance

Our system is designed to give up to class zero fire rating where required (Pirthane), though the Webtherm spray-applied Polyurethane foams have a standard CLASS 1* surface spread of flame rating when tested according to B.S.476 part 7. The class 1 rating is achieved on the naked foam with the spray applied finish in tact, and without further treatment or coating. The Class 0 fire rating is achieved through using a fire resistant sprayed foam insulation and two coats of FPC in either white or grey.

The Benefits

  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Lowers livestock food consumption
  • Protects crops against frost damage
  • Helps cure condensation
  • Insulates and weatherproofs new and old buildings
  • Can reduce heat loss by up to 90%
  • Creates no cavities for vermin to breed in
  • Helps sound proof
  • Effects felt immediately
  • Helps maintain constant temperature
  • Effects felt immediately
  • Helps maintain constant temperature

 Typical Specification

  • Brush down or steam clean
  • Apply suitable primer if required
  • Apply Webtherm Insulation to required thickness
  • Apply suitable coating required


U-Values The u-values in the table below are based on the foam being applied to the underside of 8mm thick big 6 profile asbestos sheeting to a typical potato store. Websters recommend a minimum of 50mm Webtherm sprayed foam insulation for ambient stores, and a minimum of 75mm for refrigerated stores.

Thickness U-Value Achieved (W/m²K) Thermal Resistance
50mm 0.437 0.23
75mm 0.295 0.23
100mm 0.225 0.23
130mm 0.173 0.23

The above u-values are based on applying the sprayed foam insulation to 8mm thick corrugated asbestos.

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