The home of sprayfoam insulation

We can solve almost any roof insulation & condensation problem with ease and at a very competitive price.

Polyurethane sprayfoam insulation is becoming widely recognised as one of the most versatile and efficient forms of thermal insulation around, achieving excellent u values from as little as a 65mm thickness (0.35 W/m2K). A thickness of 130mm can achieve a u value of upwards of 0.160 W/m2K, surpassing building regulations in most cases.

Roof Insulation
Sprayfoam insulation (Polyurethane) is used for roof insulation and is sprayed directly onto the surface where it bonds. Besides being an excellent insulator, rigid polyurethane foam is also very effective at preventing condensation on metal roofs. The high density foam bonds and holds tiles and slates in place: creating a seal to keep wind driven rain and draughts out; conserving the heat energy within the roof and instantly converting a cold roof into a warm roof, all via our roof insulation system.

Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Websters provide a low cost yet very high performance roof insulation system, known as spray foam insulation. This type of roof insulation is a rigid foam product, made on site and applied by our team of highly skilled engineers. The process is controlled under the ISO 9001 Quality Control, meaning that all materials used in the foam are manufactured within the UK, applied using safe and reliable equipment, and the spray foam insulation itself achieves a certified class 1 fire rating.

We supply and install roof insulation, producing the foam on site and transferring through heated lines to the point of install, i.e the roof space, wall cavity etc. Our work is carried out in keeping with all UK building and trade standards with minimum disruption.

Having over 30 years experience in spray foam insulation, we have been successfully sprayfoam insulating all types of properties, from house roofs and wall cavities, boats, agricultural buildings and commercial premises, to large retail areas and sports stadia.

Cavity Foam Insulation
If you have a building with a clear cavity then polyurethane foam can be injected to completly fill and insulate the cavity. No other cavity wall insulation product acts as a wall tie whilst still being the most thermally efficient product in the UK market. Our cavity wall insulation is BBA approved, as are our engineers, following strict quality control regulations. Cavity foam insulation is ideal for brick to brick/block and random stone wall cavities.

Condensation Prevention

When airborne water vapour hits a cold surface, we get condensation. This particularly applies to metal roofs when the ambient temperature is much colder than the inside, i.e in winter. A coat of spray foam on the inside of the roof will prevent the water vapour condensating on the surface by creating a barrier between the cold metal roof and the water vapour inside the roof space. The foam itself will never get so cold as to condensate, resulting in total condensation prevention.

Car Park Insulation
Because the spray foam insulation bonds straight to a surface, it removes the need to affix insulated boarding, saving the cost of having to mechanically fix the insulation to the underside of a concrete soffit. Insulated boarding typically generates more waste as the boards are being cut to fit on site, resulting in off cuts which may not be usable. Spray foam car park insulation offers the same, if not better level of insulation as the market leaders in insulated boards.

Spray foam car park insulation may be the best solution if the duct / pipework / electrics are already in situ, making it increasingly difficult to install rigid polyurethane boards.