Spray Foam Insulation – Commercial & Industrial

Spray Foam Insulation – The most efficient insulation per thickness

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation is widely used in industrial and commercial settings, in structures such as: factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, showrooms, football stadiums, offices, industrial units, shops, municipal/charitable/ religious buildings.

It provides the ideal, cost effective solution for insulation and condensation problems and can be applied to virtually any surface. It improves the working environment and reduces fuel costs, and may also be used for asbestos encapsulation in older buildings.

In both new and existing buildings, the foam is applied to the underside of the steel, aluminium or asbestos roofs and walls to a specified thickness. A K-value of 0.023 W/mK gives unrivalled insulating benefits, reducing U-values from ~6.0 W/m²K with as little as 75mm of foam. A U-value of ~0.48 W/m²K is achieved with as little as 50mm of foam.

Foam Thickness (mm) K – Value U – Value
25 0.023 0.840
50 0.023 0.437
75 0.023 0.295
85 0.023 0.264
100 0.023 0.225
130 0.023 0.173

 The finished surface is non- toxic and odourless, it has low water absorption and high resistance to chemical attack. It may also be high-pressure jet washed. All spray foam insulation materials used are made to BS 476 Part 7 fire retardant standards. Where additional fire protection is required, Class zero standard can be provided. It is also possible to coat the surface with emulsion paints or chlorinated rubber vapour barriers.

Below is a short video demonstrating one of our teams applying BASF Walltite spray foam insulation to the roof of a project at Ryegate Childrens Centre in Sheffield.

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Websters Insulation Ltd have over 35 years experience in the application of Polyurethane spray foam insulation to all kinds of buildings.

Total of 7,200 square metres of under croft completed for Sainsbury’s Plc, Ely. Thickness of 85mm Webtherm (class 1) spray foam insulation applied plus two coats of white emulsion.

A large converted railway station, now being used for commercial use in Oswestry, Shropshire. The contract consisted of four separate buildings, in each we installed a 50mm thickness of Webtherm (class 1) spray foam insulation plus two coats of white emulsion.

A plastics recycling facility in Nottinghamshire required a full air tight seal on the perimeter walls, to insulate and prevent air leakage. We also insulated three large storage silos at 100mm thickness (class 1) Webtherm spray foam insulation to reduce operating costs whilst maintaining a constant temperature. The walls were insulated with 100/50mm thickness. Full case study here.

Photos taken at the Senate Chamber, Birmingham University.

Photos taken at Lureflash International, Sunderland

Photos taken at D F Baxter Holdings in Tamworth




Photos taken at Boston Police Station in Lincolnshire

Curved roof

Photos taken at the Library Theatre Company Workshop in Manchester

Photos taken at Cranbourne Estate in Dorset

Underside of a container sprayed at 15mm thickness

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